Packing Material

Packing Material

While shifting our place, the thing that makes us the most concerned is, how our belongings will be handled. Whether it will be fingered safely or not. And this is an obvious concern as our possessions are our asset. The Packers and movers understand this well and they have solutions for all our concerns. They know how important it is to packages during shifting and transportation.

Packers and movers are very particular about the material they use to pack articles. In fact, they have different packing materials for niches of articles. For e.g. they have a specially designed packing material to pack glasses that they don’t get a break while shifting. For furniture, they have a separate set of material. Here is the list of material they have for packing different articles.

LED Boxes – The LED boxes are specially designed boxes used to pack and carry sophisticated LED items like LED TV, bulbs and other articles. According to a search, most LED fail to complete their claimed life of 9 years. These TVs develop faults during 4 years of their lifespan. The probability of developing damage remains the most in TVs that get shifted from one place to another. During relocating, the untrained professionals use poor quality shifting material, which causes unseen but serious damage to LED TVs. But, the good packers and movers keep themselves updated about the new technology of shifting and endeavor to create something supportive. The LED boxes are the result of those efforts. Now, logistics companies are using LED boxes that are made from cardboard and it contains thick layers of foam to provide extra cushioning to LED screen.

Bubble Roll – Bubble roll we all are aware of, this is a kind of packaging material used by many of packers and movers these days to pack and transport glassware. The air bubble provides enough cushioning to glassware and glass tops and keep it protected from the break or any scratch. Packers and movers are well educated on how to handle and use different packaging materials to pack things and they use it very efficiently. These wraps are even used to cover furniture and it protects the furniture surface from scratches during shifting. Bubble wraps come in different shades and shapes and logistics companies use it according to the need.

Clear Plastic Packing Bags – You must have seen this packing when purchasing things on online at eCommerce sites. But now, packers and movers are also using this material to pack different articles. The benefit of these bags is it fills the vacant place and during transport, it does not leave empty space. Because of this, articles and in packages does not shake and there remains no risk of damage, even the items that are made from breakable material or that can be spilled are transported using this packing material.

Just like this, there are many other packing materials present that packers and movers are using these days to ensure there remains zero damage to articles. These materials are reusable and eco-friendly as well. The packing material provides lots of safety to articles and also make the shifting process easy and hassle-free.

There are many logistic companies present that use these packing materials to pack articles. Unicon packers and movers is also one of them. They have the most advanced packing material and they use all the latest technology, equipment so that packing remains the best and damage free.


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